ASP.NET Vs PHP: Must-Known Differences between the Best Ones!

25Feb, 2022

If you are planning to invest in web development, you might stumble on various technologies. To make a smart decision, you must consider the pros and cons of the platforms for better returns. 

Well, you might have heard about the heated war between ASP.NET vs PHP. There might be several content pieces available, but we might be the best version to let you explore both platforms. 

What is ASP.NET?

It is a web development platform developed by Microsoft. It allows the developers to build web applications, dynamic content-driven websites, and web services. The ASP.NET core is the newer version on major platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

The key components of the architecture of the .Net framework are:

  • Language: There is a variety of languages in this framework. There is C# and to develop web applications. 
  • Common Language Runtime: The CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) is a platform where the .Net programs are executed. The CLR is used to handle key activities, including exception handling and garbage collection.  
  • Library: The framework has a set of standard class libraries. The web library has the vital components required to develop the .Net web-based apps. 

What is PHP?

This is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is used to make web servers. PHP is an open-source platform that is used widely for web development. It is available on major operating systems like Microsoft, macOS, and Windows. 

The unique features of this web development platform are:

  • Model-View-Controller: This is the developers’ common type of architectural pattern. The main aim is to have a separate user interface from the Application data and Business logic. 
  • Model: The database operation is managed by updating and collecting data. 
  • View: The end-user GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps the user interact with the system. 
  • Controller: This handles the business login and links the view and model.     

What are the features you need to understand for ASP.NET and PHP?

  1. ASP.NET vs PHP: Performance

The common misconception is that the coding will determine the website performance. Both asp vs PHP performance web development is equipped to effortlessly access file systems, display pages, and search images on the web server. The page load speed performance depends on the database server, end-user device, and bandwidth. 

ASP.NET does not allow any irregularities in the code while it might still run the actual business applications. It is better to choose the programming language by analysing the performance in various scenarios. You need to access the query in databases, file access, perform requests, results, and more. 

  1. ASP.NET vs PHP: Security 

Both the platforms provide great security features but in different methods. PHP gives tools to structure the apps securely. At the same time, the ASP.NET has built-in security features like SQL injection. It makes it easier and more reliable for the developers to apply strong security features, and in the case of PHP, it provides tools. 

Many PHP developers overlook security features that increase the chances of web app vulnerabilities. The security features are great in ASP.NET as they have built-in nature that saves time and effort. 

  1. ASP.NET vs PHP: Learning Curve

The ASP.NET vs PHP war ensures that the winner is developer-friendly and provides a great solution to a web development company. The learning curve of ASP.NET is huge to integrate advanced features in the web apps. ASP is a framework that handles web, desktop, and mobile applications development. But it also gives you an independent entity in the market. 

PHP has a short learning curve that means users and developers tend to use it more often. Learning PHP is easier with the help of wide community support and custom options for giving solutions that are available online. 

  1. ASP.NET vs PHP: Cost

MySQL server, Apache server, Linux OS, PHP, and PostgreSQL server are free of cost, and their updates are also freely available. PHP is a popular hosting company that is cost-effective. In contrast, ASP.NET is free with Windows OS. It does have a licensing cost and future upgrades. This means the ASP.NET needs certain investments to run your website smoothly. 

  1. ASP.NET vs PHP: Support

PHP is open-source and gets access to a larger pool of developers than the ASP.NET language. Both the platforms boost the vibrant communities that post regularly on their online forums when users look for solutions. 

The ASP.NET community has dedicated developers, which means fewer support contributors are willing to post on the forums and provide answers. While PHP is a widely used language, there are plenty of active developers around the clock to provide guidance and pieces of advice. You can hire developer to get the best support in the market. The best part is you will get the solutions from both the communities. The only difference might be the time. 

  1. ASP.NET vs PHP: Popular Websites 

Websites built using PHP tool are:

  • Facebook 
  • Wikipedia
  • Mailchimp
  • Yahoo! 
  • Flickr
  • iStockPhoto 

Websites that are using ASP.NET are:

  • Stack Overflow
  • Microsoft 
  • GoDaddy
  • Visual Studio 
  • Dell
  • WildTangent 

What are the Benefits of Using ASP.NET and PHP?

In the war between dot net vs PHP, it is crucial to know the benefits of both individually. ASP.NET, an open-source server-side web development tool, provides dynamic web pages, web solutions, and web apps. It users the .NET language and supports Visual Basic.NET, Python, Perl, and JavaScript. It provides great flexibility to add and remove features from the web app with an open-source and cross-platform framework. 

Let us look at the advantages of web development are:

  • It is a highly scalable platform that poses great competition to other platforms 
  • It is based on Object-Oriented Programming 
  • ASP.NET has a strong caching system to provide faster page loads 
  • Developers can easily deploy and maintain the web apps
  • It has a wide community that means more immediate solutions 

One of the best advantages is that it provides rapid development. The market demand for faster app development is increasing, and PHP provides multiple productions on a single day. The framework is fast and ensures great security in the apps. PHP developers make sure to maintain and upgrade the web apps consistently.  

Let us explore some benefits of PHP: 

  • It does not need any prior knowledge of HTML 
  • PHP is an open-source language that is free of cost 
  • It has powerful library support to provide great features and functionalities 
  • The platform has an easy database connection to give a seamless experience to the developers 
  • It gives freedom to interact with different operating systems effortlessly

Now that you know the main advantages of dot net vs PHP, you might take the right decisions. 

Where should you use the PHP tool?

  1. Web Pages and Web-Based Applications 

This provides a high level of customization and a great user interface, integrates database systems, and handles online transactions. PHP ensures that these features are met through its architecture that works perfectly on the database, server, and browser systems. 

PHP is used to build dynamic and static web pages and web-based applications. Developers get the freedom to manipulate the coding to reuse them in other applications. The built-in mechanism supports SQL query builder, routing, user authentication, CSRF protection, and more to make it in-demand programming languages. 

  1. Web Content Management Systems 

PHP provides support to databases like MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access to interact with other protocols. It has great templates and libraries that the developers use to manipulate and manage the content on the website. A few best web Content Management Systems are handled by PHP like WordPress and its plugins, Facebook, Drupal, Joomla, and more. 

  1. Ecommerce Applications 

It does not matter if you have a small or big business. Online selling has become an inevitable part of it. The PHP framework makes the process of developing eCommerce apps efficient and quick. It supports platforms like Magento, Ubercart, OpenCart, Zen Cart, and PrestaShop that are practical applications. 

Where should use ASP.NET tool?

  1. Mobile Apps 

These can be accessed through tablets and smartphones. Web-based apps do not require installation and run through the mobile web browser. The Hybrid apps are similar to mobile apps. They are installed on the device, but they are executed inside the application container. 

  1. Web Apps

These apps are deployed through an internet browser using HTTP and HTTPS protocols. These can also be just a collection of HTML web pages or fully-functional apps that run on remote or local networks. 

  1. Web Services 

These are the services that help to connect with the client using URL. While the SOAP, HTTPS, and XML protocols allow accessing other components, services, and apps.

  1. IoT Apps

The Internet of Things is built for specific industries like automation, healthcare, smart homes, wearable technology, and automotive. 

The Final Call!

When comparing ASP.NET vs PHP, you need to consider all the features, pros, and cons to make the right choice for your business. When it comes to designing and building web applications, you need to explore the platforms in depth. 

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