Hospital Management

Hospital Management

The challenges associated with the use of the current manual record management system in the Outpatient department at one of our client's hospital.

The manual handling of records is a time-consuming process. The purpose of Hospital Management system (HMS) is to automate or make online the process of day-to-day hospital activities like Appointment Booking, Patient Registration, Entering Patient Diagnosis and Treatment details, Maintaining Patient Medical History, generating patient’s bill and Reports etc.

The hospital management system is a web-based solution which links up in a chain the multiple hospitals.

Patient Appointment and Registration

This interface provides all the details of the doctors in the clinic together with their specialization and shifts time. With the help of this, a patient can fix an appointment with the doctor. A receptionist can also register patient details and book appointments. The doctor can view the patient appointments and gets notified when new patient booking happens.

Electronic Medical Report (EMR)

In this interface, Doctor can view the patient’s medical history, enter patient diagnosis details and prescribe medicines and treatment progress.


In this interface, Receptionist can generate the bill and enter the collected amount from the patient. This interface also provides various billing and collection related reports and views.


The administrator has the full control over the system from which S/he can create, read, update and delete any master record or information from the system. Admin user is responsible for creating the user account and assigning user rights.

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