Healthcare Service

WebITGurus manages your technology so that you can manage your patients.

WebITGurus’s healthcare IT services have been at the forefront in harnessing the digital technology to provide quality patient care and accelerating innovations in healthcare delivery models.

The regulatory framework governing the industry has become more stringent, making it critical for healthcare players to partner with expert healthcare IT expert consultants.This urges the healthcare providers and payers to adopt technology that can reduce cost and reform their internal processes.

With the experts’ team, we provide a strategic, seamless solution for your healthcare applications. We believe that our solutions should help healthcare technology companies build and configure interoperable, sustainable healthcare IT systems.

Healthcare Services Leveraged by WebITGurus

Customized Healthcare Management:

Based on each enrollee’s health profile and Health risk, we customize the care management contents.

Integration Services:

WebITGurus has a team which is highly knowledgeable in HL7 2.X, HL7 3.0,ASTM, CCD and many more. Through our knowledge of regulation, standards, and toolset we can assist you effectively in addressing healthcare interoperability issues.

Quality Assurance And Testing:

Ensuring regulatory, security and data privacy compliance, we take care of everything. WebITGurus facilitates technical and domain expertise to address these challenges on time and in the budget.


WebITGurus believe that the healthcare organization should stay focused. We provide maintenance services with no downtime and improve reliability and user experience.

Robust Control Management:

Our application manages the tasks like patient inward and outward, staffs incoming and outgoing, system security, inventory control and many more.

Other needs satisfied are:

  • Easy booking of appointments with doctor
  • Built-in Telemedicine/Video conferencing solution
  • Consulting services
  • Product engineering
  • Salesforce
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Why WebITGurus?

We have a strong domain, technology, and process expertise. WebITGurus delivers best-in-class solutions at an unmatched cost advantage. Our applications work cross-platform. Our solutions are scalable for backups and data storage.