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05Apr, 2019

Ä very significant day in Christianity, Easter conveys the meaning of victory over death.  Jesus, the son of God conquered death once and for all. All the preachings that he taught in his three years ministry are rejoiced and remembered during this festival.

He did not merely die but resurrected confirmed the proof that he was indeed the son of God.

The festival is also celebrated by pagans as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

The festival is feasted in early spring in honor of pagan Saxon goddess Eastre.  Since both, the occasion happened to fall around the same time, Christ’s resurrection from the dead and pagan’s celebration are merged and the festival is known as Easter.

The emergence of the word Easter is also uncertain, as some believed it to come from Anglo-Saxon Eostre, others believed it to be from Norse eostur which meant “the season of growing” or “the season of new birth”.

The other next thing that comes to our mind when one speaks of Easter is the Easter bunny.  This spring festival celebrates new life and hence animals like a rabbit who produced offspring were included.

The next Easter thing is eggs. They were painted colorful and are now distributed as gifts during the Easter festival.  Eggs too have a long pre-Christian history and are viewed as a symbol of life.

In all this festivity and celebrations, business owner are striving for achieving new business heights and making their website/applications a new success.

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