How 5G is Going to Brighten the Future of IoT Solutions?

23Mar, 2020

We all know about the Internet of Things (IoT), it is all about expanding or extending the connection with devices, persons, the environment, or anything with the help of the internet. You are reading this post because of the IoT. You can hear songs, watch movies, order Alexa to turn on the fan, and many more. This is all because of IoT. It has evolved us better and will give us the best in the future too! No matter it is for personal use or public use. Be it the health sector, agriculture sector, service sector, or any XYZ sector.

We will be using the acronym ‘IoT’ for the ‘Internet of Things,’ so don’t get confused.

And here, when we said “will give us the best in the future,” it was because of the introduction of 5G networks to the world.

Every techie and non-techie person around the world is eagerly waiting for the 5G networks. Many countries already have a 5G connection, and others are growing their hands towards it. Within a short span of time, the global village is going to be neighbors.

5G, a fifth-generation wireless technology, is said to be the 100 times faster internet connection. You will be able to download and upload the content within minutes or AFAP (As Fast As Possible!). It will remove all the latency that is faced due to the current network. 

Now, this article is to inform you about the connection between the 5G network and IoT. Do you know how 5G network is going to impact on IoT? Definitely, it will be for the best. 

So here in this article, you will read about the benefits of 5G on IoT. How will it affect the IoT solutions and its services?

But first, let’s look at the features of 5G that will benefit IoT.

1. Faster Speed

2. Increased Capability

3. Better Reliability

4. Low Battery Consumption

Moving towards the sectors that can get most out of the 5G and how it will help the IoT solutions.

1. Agricultural Sector

Source: easternpeak

Many countries survive or are relying on the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector flourishes with IoT. How? With the help of smart agriculture, which is built for observing the crop field with the help of sensors. The sensors detect the light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc. and help in automating the irrigation system. Smart Farming tools are nothing but IoT-based devices.

The coming of 5G will increase the accuracy and speed of the IoT devices. This will help in production as well as cost management, and there will be waste reduction too. The 5G technology will provide farmers with real-time data on water, livestock movements, maintenance alerts, market prices, power usage, and everything related to farming. 

This will enable high revenue for them

2. Health Sector

Image Source: amazonaws

You can’t deny the importance of the high-speed network in the healthcare sector. It deals with life and death; a single mistake or error can result in a loss of life. And to exterminate even the single chance of mistake IoT is there, but IoT also needs 5G to do the wonders. 

The high-speed and increased capability will allow specialists to do the surgery from miles apart. The first-ever trial was done in Fujian, China, where the operation was done with the help of 5G connectivity and IoT device. And that showed how high reliability and low latency improves the speed of decisions and reduces the chance of mistake. 

With the help of 5G and IoT services, people will be able to connect with specialists from remote places as well.

3. Manufacturing Sector

Source: themanufacturer

The manufacturing sector is equally important as other sectors. It provides us with the products that we use on a daily basis. You may have faced a high demand and low supply cases. This can be altered with the help of IoT. IoT has taken a significant gain and growth in this industry too. The manual and analog control processes are of no use in the era of the modern supply chain and hence everyone is opting for digitization.

But still, it lacks the high-level reliability and low-latency in the current network. And the solution to that is 5G. 5G will enable the positive impact on technologies in manufacturing industries with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) and high bandwidth, which will fulfill their purpose. 

The purpose of 5G with IoT is a high degree of acuity, quality level, supply chain information and reduction of the risk in wastage and loss.

4. Utility and Energy Sector

Image Source: circuitdigest

When we talk about the utility and energy sector, the use of IoT in them is increasing day by day. From smart speakers to smart locks and fans. The invention is getting one step ahead. You would have heard about the electric vehicle, which is also possible with the help of IoT. 

But the devices in this sector works on the internet connection as well as battery life. So the introduction of 5G will reduce the problems for the wide usage of it in the world. The innovation of 5G will provide many solutions in the energy sector, related to transmission, distribution, and usage.

Along with that, it will enable the smart grid features efficiency and they will be used worldwide. Now every business, vehicle, residence, will be Smart. Be it small scale or large scale. All thanks to 5G connectivity. 

5. Financial Sector

Image Source: cleveroad

You realize there was a time when it was possible to transfer money only by the physical appearance at the bank. And now you can transfer money within seconds. Here you click on pay and the receiver has already received the money. How is this possible? With the help of IoT services. There are places where you feel, “If I could just use my phone to pay the bill.”

There is Paytm, AmazonPay, BHIM UPI and other platforms where this is possible, but still, you need to add the card to use its service. And it takes time, the introduction of 5G will reduce that too. 

The banking transaction will be done in seconds and it will also allow the connected devices to fetch the user information immediately and accurately.

Let’s Guide the Bright Future with 5G

The fifth-generation (5G) technology is going to bring the boom in the economy with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). It will benefit everyone, businesses, consumers and industries too. 5G will provide great flexibility, speed, data efficiency and low consumption of battery, which will optimize the IoT, like electric vehicles, wearables, smart cities and others. So the final verdict is – 5G is the ultimate solution of all the latency of industries and consumers.

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