Impacts Of IoT In Deciding The Future Of Web Developments

11Apr, 2019

ATM machines, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Self-driving cars and more… This list of devices using IoT is endless. Yes, you read it right! The concept began since early 1974  and has been around for so long now.

Basically, the Internet Of Things(IoT) is any device having the ability to transmit and collect data over the internet without any human interaction. ATM machines are the best example that can justify the actual meaning. The device is connected to the Internet 24/7 and displays personalized information on the screen which is also collected from the internet.

This connected technology rise (IoT) is bringing waves at Intel, Microsoft, and SAP but also at some unexpected places like kitchens, playing ground, gardens and more. IoT development is now so popular that soon it will be as ubiquitous as smartphones.

When we try to set up a connection between the Internet Of Things (IoT) and Web development, we may wonder what is the bottom-line of the connection?

The answer is, there is a connection and will always be. Because web development includes the two main part: Front end development and Back-end development which requires a seamless connection for data transfer.

The complex IoT networks raise the bar and set new challenges every day for the web developers. Read further to know how these IoT implementations will impact web development.

Ever wondered on what does the internet networks that respond to the users rely on?  The answer is, they rely on web servers. The collected data is then stored on the cloud and the interaction takes place with the help of the user interface.

Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Echo, Alexa are able to display the web content apart from smart TVs, laptops, and wearables.

The next question is,

How IoT is affecting the landscape of Web development?

Business enterprises are craving to give their customers a more personalized and customized services. Their ultimate aim is now to satisfy their customer and take their enterprises towards success.

Due to IoT evolvement, it may happen that enterprises would begin to use the combination of wireless technologies and sensors to serve the customers better.

Understanding the customer’s demographics and using sensors, enterprises have so far helped people to control their health and appliances.

Millennials are lucky enough as they will have to give some less efforts in performing any task as simple as operating the lights. It has contributed to a huge amount in shaping the future efficiently and effectively.

Let’s deep dive into the impacts:

The web development process is going to become a bit more complex with the proliferation of IoT.  Front-end interface like cameras, sensors are going to communicate with the users and on the other end, back-end will store the information that is accessible.

Once the connection is fixed appropriately using the IoT devices, the pages will load quickly and there will be no delay in the transmission.

With IoT, involvement businesses would definitely need the right set of talent and skills in the development team. Some of the strategies are mentioned here using which they can clear the barrier.

On-go development optimization:

IoT learning is evolving and is never going to stop. It is important for web development companies to monitor and train their developers to optimize the site. This is the only way by which they can remain in the running race.

Overcome coding challenges:

Coding standards exist but are not constant. Web development company struggle every day to match the rapidly changing coding standards. So a web development company should design a strategy to handle the coding challenges whenever required. The team leaders should know the coding standards and disciplines so that they can impart the knowledge to the team members.

Acquire the right talent and realize the requirement:

It has now become important to prioritize and define the level of expertise needed for web development. Once the requirements are in hands, it would be much easy for the organization to find the right talent and design an inventory.

IoT has only made lives easier. It has brought opportunities for developers to create more innovative applications.  The below mentioned is the list of considerations while creating interactive web solutions with IoT integration.

Speed Measurability:

The traditional process of request analysis by web servers is replaced with the cloud data transmission process. It proves to be more effective and faster.

Privacy and Security:

IoT connected devices are prone to be hacked. Thus to maintain the security, web developers need to adopt a more strict design pattern for the connected devices. This, after all, will ensure the security feature of the web app.

Power Management:

The programs running in the back end tend to drain a lot of battery which may result in less communication. So it is important for the web developers to design a layout that will minimize power usage.  There has to be a power management plan in place before going ahead with web development.

Dynamic UI:

The involvement of IoT in UI is nothing new but the role and responsibility of the web developer are going to rise with the development trends. The developers would have to rethink their approach towards development. They have to follow practices keeping in mind the new IoT- based designs.

Architecting the Future of Web development:

There are many impactful factors of IoT on web development. It is difficult to judge how much more will IoT impact this arena of technology. But it looks like the combination of  IoT and web development is far more convincing in the web development and will reap benefits to the end users.

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