Things to Watch Out for While Deploying SharePoint 2019 Development Environment

18Jun, 2019

Every organization and employees working in it struggles with organizing, sharing, and tracking down documents. It is possible to share, organize, and manage documents easily with the help of Microsoft SharePoint. You can even organize your business processes quite effectively. The latest edition of Microsoft, SharePoint 2019 has been developed with the ultimate objective of enhancing the SharePoint experience for on-premise and hybrid users.

In recent times, it has become easier to assume by people at large that most of the businesses have shifted to the cloud. But, it has been observed that several organizations still utilize on-premise environments in some capacity. Microsoft has resolved this concern by providing a platform for users to perform on-premises and hybrid scenarios. Get the most out of this recent technological upgrade by associating with a SharePoint development company.

SharePoint 2019 brings in a fresh and modern design that is deemed to work on any screen irrespective of whether you are using a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. With its introduction, it will become possible for the users to devote less time while searching for content and configuring settings. In turn, this will make them devote quality time on productive tasks.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will provide comprehensive information pertaining to the features in SharePoint 2019. We promise after reading this content piece you will get a fair idea about the different things that SharePoint 2019 brings to the table when it comes to SharePoint development services

Without much delay, let’s start with the features that have been removed in SharePoint 2019.

Features Removed in SharePoint 2019

There are certain items that have been removed in SharePoint 2019. Let’s get up close with the most important ones below.

Sandbox Solutions

This feature was first added in SharePoint 2010. It continued being part of SharePoint all the way to SharePoint 2016 but it has finally been removed in SharePoint 2019. You can consider a sandbox solution as a site collection solution. It was not possible for it to access data outside of its container. The amazing part was if something went wrong with it like a bad code it would not crumble the entire farm like the most fully trusted solution would. But, it was extremely difficult to develop great solutions using it. Reason? It was not possible to access a lot of data outside the environment.

– PowerPivot

PowerPivot came into existence in SharePoint 2010. It is nothing but a data analysis tool that is older than SharePoint 2010. It was employed for organizing and depicting data for end users. The reason for its eradication was the fact that Microsoft started showing more preference for PowerBI and its integration with O365.

– Silverlight Rendering of Visio Diagrams

We all know that Silverlight is no longer developed. In fact in less than 3 years from end-of-life i.e.; Oct 2021 Microsoft has decided to eliminate the rendering ability of Visio diagrams with Silverlight. The reason being, SharePoint 2019 will be supported well beyond Silverlight.

Now, that you have a fair glimpse of the features that have been removed in SharePoint 2019 it is time to look at the deprecated features in SharePoint 2019.

Deprecated Features in SharePoint 2019

With every new release, there are certain features are marked for removed. The same is true with SharePoint 2019. Let’s, first of all, understand the meaning of the word “Deprecated” feature. It is nothing but a feature that is marked to be removed in a future release but is still available in the current one. The ultimate objective is to prepare users for replacements of the features which will no longer be available in the next update. Let’s look at some of the deprecated features in SharePoint 2019 given below.

– Access Services (2010 and 2013 versions)

An access app was a method to develop a custom database application which was shared within SharePoint. Microsoft has flagged it for removal. They have even asked clients to employ PowerApps and Flow as replacements.

– Groove Sync Client

With the release of the new OneDrive sync client and its utilization in SharePoint Online, Microsoft has flagged the previous version of the sync client (known as Groove) as deprecated. Although it is currently being supported, it will not be for long.

– InfoPath and SharePoint Designer

This is going to be a huge problem for many. There have been ample forms, workflows, and customization created using SharePoint Designer and InfoPath. It has already been stated by Microsoft several times that there will not be a new version for either of these tools (the latest being 2013), but they will get the much-needed support till the tools’ end-of-life in the year 2026. Although, there is still some time for this to happen it is important to look for alternatives right away. It would be great if you move towards PowerApps and Flow as a replacement for the solutions created with these apps.

Now, that you have looked at the deprecated features in SharePoint 2019, it is time to divert our attention to the new features in SharePoint 2019.

New Features in SharePoint 2019

If you think that there is nothing good in SharePoint 2019, you are in for a surprise. There are lots of new features loaded in SharePoint 2019. Although, technically you may not call these new if you have already used SharePoint Online. However, they are new to those who are new to SharePoint On-Premise installations. Let’s go through the list given below.

File Path Limit Increased

For those who were complaining about not able to get off a deep structure within SharePoint environments, this is big news. Before this update, SharePoint had a character limit of 256 for a file path length. This has now increased to 400 characters. This way you can now have more detailed titles in the file path. Great news, isn’t it?

– Enhancements to Document/List Item Restorations

Before SharePoint 2019, only site collection admins had the rights to restore documents that were deleted by others. Now, it is possible for you to restore it yourself with the help of edit access. This can be done without bothering the SharePoint Support Team.

– Communications Sites

Communication sites have been a major hit on SharePoint online. With the help of this feature, it is possible to get a site template that can be geared especially for broadcasting critical information to the users across the organization. You can now avail this feature for SharePoint Server.

– Contemporary Experiences Now Available On-Premise

All those new features that are already there in SharePoint Online as the new look and feel of the lists and libraries, web parts, page authoring, and even sharing of documents are now available in SharePoint Server.

– Direct Links to SharePoint Documentation

With the help of SharePoint 2019, users will no longer have to search comprehensively for documents. They can now get direct links by accessing Central Administration.

– Integration of Workflow Manager 2019

If you think that workflows will become things of the past in SharePoint after some years, you are absolutely wrong! They are not going anywhere. In fact, in SharePoint 2019, Workflow Manager 2019 replaces Workflow Manager 1.0 that comes with new and improved features.

– Enhanced OneDrive Sync Client

Organizations that have large On-Premise libraries will feel great to know that SharePoint 2019 consists of an enhanced OneDrive Sync client. With the help of this feature, it will become easier for users to support personal and team sites encompassing files on demand.

There is also a feature of push notifications which assists in delivering a swift, reliable synchronization experience. It should be noted that these features were only available in the cloud prior to the launch of SharePoint 2019. Now, it can even be accessed by On-Premise users in hybrid environments.

The Finale

SharePoint 2019 has come as a fresh appeal for large organizations at large. It fulfills all the major requirements of users at large especially the large organizations. Irrespective of whether you are looking for modern user experience improvements, team site improvements, or communication site improvements you will get it all in SharePoint 2019.

In addition to this, the improved functionality will make it more user-friendly which will provide amazing user experience ultimately resulting in achieving desired business objectives successfully.
In this write-up, we have covered only the most significant features that can be critical while deploying SharePoint 2019 development environment. Take complete advantage of this updated version of SharePoint today by utilizing SharePoint consulting services from a proficient SharePoint development company.

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