What Makes ASP.NET Core a Hot Option for Web Application Development?

01Jul, 2019

Whenever a company thinks about web application development, it has multiple technologies to choose from. There are various options available: open-source like PHP & Java, and the second one is closed-source technology like ASP.NET MVC. There are millions of developers who are employing ASP.NET MVC to develop web applications. But, one thing that makes the latest ASP.NET Core framework better than the earlier version is the fact that it provides a lot more advantages when it comes to .Net web Application Development.

Before we dig deep into the topic, it is important to learn more about ASP.NET Core. It is important to note that this technology is freely available since it comes in open-source form. It also supports cross-platform framework developed in conjunction by Microsoft and its community. This way it completely transforms ASP.NET by combining the powerful features of MVC structure and Web API in a single framework.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will provide relevant information that will help you comprehend the reason that makes ASP.NET Core as the best option when it comes to web application development. We promise after reading this content piece, you will definitely opt for Asp.net website development.

Without much delay, let’s get started with the reasons that make ASP.NET Core a hot option for web application development.

The very first thing that you should know about ASP.NET Core is the fact that it is quite modern and powerful in build. It also comprises of a feature-rich framework that comes with characteristics that come in handy while developing super-quick APIs for web apps. Let’s now look at some of the reasons that make ASP.NET Core a red hot option for web application development.

The MVC Architecture

When the classic ASP.NET arrived, developers were worried about IsPostBack & ViewState. The amazing part is, after the emergence of MVC, the web application process has become more instinctive. On top of this, the workflow has also become smooth.

On top of this, the modern ASP.NET framework can be highly useful when it comes to developing web APIs & web applications which can be tested in a very efficient manner. This way ASP.NET Core assists in making the lives of developers very easy when it comes to creating codes, compiling, and testing something in either model, view, or the controller.

Razor Pages

This new feature in ASP.NET Core has become one of the most critical aspects that make programming page-focused scenarios more productive. In the developer’s language, this functionality assists in providing a page-based coding model that helps in making the web UI easy. As an ASP.NET Core developer, if you have ever worked on ASP.NET MVC framework, chances are you are aware of the fact that controller classes comprise of a large number of actions. On top of this, they also expand as new things keep on integrating.

The good news about Razon Pages is the fact that each web page is separate from its View Component. The code is also organized in a cohesive manner.

Provides Support for Sought-After JavaScript Frameworks

ASP.NET Core framework has become quite popular amongst developers because of the fact that it consists of integrated templates for two of the most talked about JavaScript frameworks – Angular & React (including Aurelia). With the help of JavaScript services in the new ASP.NET Core, it is possible for the developers to get an infrastructure required to develop client-side apps using the JavaScript frameworks mentioned earlier.

The major objective of JavaScript is to cut down underlying plumbing that enables developers to commence coding applications as soon as possible. The end result? Developers are able to build quality front-end web applications that consist of lots of features.

Upgraded Collaboration & Cross-Platform Support

Every developer knows that ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform framework. This way the apps created using this technology can be run of Mac Operating systems, Windows, and Linux. On top of this, developers can freely select their development OS. In simpler terms, developers now can work with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS and still get together on the same project. This has become possible due to the unified experience provided by the Visual Studio IDE. This way ASP.NET Core framework has the acumen of building and running web applications on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

In-Built Dependency Injection Support

ASP.NET Core framework provides comprehensive in-built dependency injection support. This means developers do not have to depend on third-party frameworks like AutoFactor or Ninject. Dependency Injection is nothing but a pattern that assists developers to easily find out the difference between various pieces of the apps. Before ASP.NET Core was released, Dependency Injection was being employed using Ninject and AutoFactor frameworks. But, since the emergence of ASP.NET Core, the Dependency Injection has become a highly critical component in development.

In the developer’s language, it means that developers are no longer constrained to develop web applications. They can now take advantage of new libraries in more event-driven apps like Azure Functions or AWS Lambda. All in all, it has been found that the Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core framework enhances the extensibility and test ability of web applications.

Final Words

ASP.NET Core has opened up an all-new dimension to web application development. With the help of continuous updation in its features, the developer’s life has become quite easy. If you wish to take advantage of this trend, affiliate with a reputed ASP.Net development company and give wings to your web application development process.

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